What we are up to at Aero 2019


In La Llosa Aerodrome we strive to become an official ICP distributer and maintenance hangar in Spain. 

We operate 5 ICP aircraft in La Llosa (Savannah and Bingo) and our pilots have thousands of hours on board. Our mechanics have countless experience in maintaining these aeroplanes.

Hence, we travel to Aero 2019 with the aim of negotiating this possibility with the established manufacturer.



We recently made an agreement for maintenance and distribution of ELA rotatory wing aircraft. We are looking forward to solidifying our relationship!

Image courtesy of ela-gyro.de

We are open to business

Aero 2019 gathers a plethora of established and emerging aeronautical businesses. Very much like them, we are also looking to establish our presence and look for possible business oportunities.

See you!

Image courtesy of FLYER